This guide is to help music, media and journalism students get the right number of words onto each blog post you write. We’ll also talk about putting links in your music reviews.

The best student music reviews, and pupil blogs should follow this guide:

It’s important that you write a music review, interview or article that is long enough to be interesting to read, without being an essay. How long would you want to read something online? Most people won’t read anything that takes them longer than about 3-5 minutes to read. It’s important to keep your blogs snappy and readable to appeal to most people out there.

With this in mind, these are the DEFINITIVE word counts for pupil music reviews and blogs. :

  • For a music video review: 275-350 words
  • For a music album or single review: 300-500 words
  • For a live gig review: 300-500 words
  • For a written band or artist interview: 500-600 words
  • For special assignments or music opinion pieces and feature articles:  300-600 words, depending on the piece

General guidelines: we want your music reviews to show what you think, without dragging things out for anyone reading them. Keep your blog titles meaningful by referring to the linked post.

We will only accept ONE link per blog post or review, if directly related to your music review or feature.

Please don’t stuff countless promotional links in your music reviews to help you or your friend’s bands – this is not what journalists do. Show some editorial judgement over your work, Rockhaq community members and readers will respect you for it and want to listen to what you have to say even more.

Also, it’s miles better to get LINKS BACK to your music reviews on Rockhaq – it will get more people reading your work and help the community.