[wpum_restrict_logged_in] One of the questions we’ve been asked by budding journalism students is – What can we write about on the Rockhaq community?

In short, you can write about ANYTHING music related. Of course, we mostly talk about music reviews, but you are also free to add interviews, opinions, features and anything else.
Here is a brief list of what can be included and a short definition of what each type of blog post should contain:

Music Reviews
These can be singles, albums that have just been released, or released at any time in music history. You’re free to choose what piece of music you’d like to review – from Beethoven to Bastille.

Live Music, or Gig and Concert, Reviews
These can be from a show or gig you may have attended. Ideally we want something recent, but you can write about any event within the past 6 months.

Music Video Reviews
These can be taken from any music videos you may have seen, for singles. You can insert the video from YouTube into your review easily. Again, the songs themselves could be from any time in music history.

Band, Group or Artist Interviews
These can be any interviews you have carried out yourself, either written or in video or podcast format. Please let us know if you’d like to feature interviews in a format other than video and we will see how it can be featured on the Rockhaq community.

If you’ve carried out any interviews for another publication, please ensure that you have permission to replicate the interview on Rockhaq from the other publication’s editor. We will not be held responsible for any content that is uploaded to Rockhaq which you do not have the copyright to reproduce.

Music Features or Opinion Articles
These are blogs where you are writing about something music-related that does not fall into the above categories, but where you are expressing your opinion or views about something. Say for example, you want to write about the Mercury Music Prize nominees list, the MOBO or Brit Awards, or even ticket touting. We would love to see articles like this too, so feel free to post them!

As with music reviews, keep your criticism professional and don’t slander anyone you are talking about. A helpful hint would be to include interviews or quotes from bands, celebrities, MP’s, etc to add structure and make your article stand out. Do remember when you are quoting anyone, that you quote EXACTLY what they have said and keep hold of any references you include.

At the end of every single article on Rockhaq, there’s a space for all community members to post comments. Do make use of this as it’s your chance to also share your opinion on music tracks, concerts or anything else, even if you didn’t put all the hard work into writing the review. You can use comments to discuss the music itself as well as leave your feedback on each article, so go for it.

There you have it, you can write about anything you like on here, and we’re keen to see what you have to say. The most important thing is – just make sure that anything you post under your own name is YOUR OWN WORK and you are free to post it on Rockhaq.

Good luck and happy blogging! 😛