To help Team Rockhaq know what you’ve written about, to get lots of hits on your work and to ensure your music reviews, blogs, interviews all stand a good chance of being found by Google searchers, it’s best to stick to the following blog post title rules.

It’s great journalism and media practice to do this.

Your blog post title becomes your link title. If you don’t use these blog title rules, nobody will know what you’ve written about without clicking on your link. If they don’t know from the link title what you’ve written about, they won’t bother clicking on it at all.

So, here are the formats you MUST stick to:

  • For a music video review: “video review:”, song title, artist name, release date
  • For a music album or single review: “review:”, artist name, song title, release date
  • For a live gig review: “live review:”, artist name, live review, city, venue name, interview date
  • For a (video or audio) interview that took place at a venue: “video interview:”, artist name, interview, city, venue name, interview date
  • For a written interview (if it took place at a venue, please add venue details and date, as above) otherwise: “interview:”, artist name, interview date
  • For special assignments: name of assignment, artist name, venue, interview date (if it applies)

General guidelines: keep titles meaningful and use the above tips so your posts can be found by Google. Also check out our guide on word counts and links.