Written tips

House Style

This isn’t an article on an genre of dance music, this is a guide on some things to do when writing your reviews, such as use of capital letters, exclamation marks and so on. In journalism and writing terms, this is called adhering to a ‘house style’ and it’s something you will need to get used to when writing for any publication in future. Read More

Recommended Music Journalists

[wpum_restrict_logged_in] After feedback from several Rockhaq students, we’ve decided to put together a list of Music Journalists we think you should read up on. None of us expect you to reach these gold standards of writing and journalism in your reviews, after all these are established industry professionals. Read More

How To Win Rockhaq Music Missions

[wpum_restrict_logged_in] NOTE: Music missions will be confirmed sometime in 2016, possibly sooner depending on the number of community members actively writing. The more, the better!

We won’t set specific categories …
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Blog Title Rules

To help Team Rockhaq know what you’ve written about, to get lots of hits on your work and to ensure your music reviews, blogs, interviews all stand a good chance …
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Word Counts and Links

This guide is to help music, media and journalism students get the right number of words onto each blog post you write. We’ll also talk about putting links in your …
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What Can You Write About

[wpum_restrict_logged_in] One of the questions we’ve been asked by budding journalism students is – What can we write about on the Rockhaq community?

In short, you can write about ANYTHING …
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How to Construct a Review

This is a quick guide for all music, media, english pupils and students on how to construct a music review. This will help to develop your media, journalism and writing …
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How to Edit A Video

[wpum_restrict_logged_in] We’ll add guides on filming and editing videos to our tips section in the near future if you tell us you really want them, but for now we’ll refer …
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