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Rockhaq student Sam BrookesI’m really enjoying Rockhaq. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Just submitting a review to iTunes isn’t as satisfying as contributing to a proper community. Rockhaq is the best thing I have ever done at school and it has taken over my life. It’s even more addictive than Facebook.”

Sam Brookes, A Level English student, Regent College, Leicester


Media Student: Ashton BryanI love Rockhaq and writing on it has given me so much confidence when it comes to presenting in class and writing my coursework. I like being able to share my thoughts on whatever music I listen to with other people online and it’s even better that I became a student editor and I won tickets to go and see Nicki Minaj, thanks to how much I had improved on Rockhaq.

Ashton Bryan, BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production student, Central Nottingham College


joshRockhaq is a rare and compelling experience that will help improve students grammar skills and might just help them progress into something much bigger such as being a music journalist in the future. I loved the free newly-released CD’s I got of my favourite artists thanks to Rockhaq. It was great to hear albums before anyone else and review them.

Joshua Tolley, BTEC Level 2 Music Technology student, Central Nottingham College


Gareth LawsonI love the idea of this site, it gives the opportunity for people to say what they think about bands and artists’ work and this could be seen by the artist or band themselves. It’s also exciting being able to write about music and share what music I think is good and explain why to other users in the community.

Gareth Lawson, BTEC Level 2 Music Technology student, Central Nottingham College


Blake BeesleyThis is SICK! The best thing about Rockhaq is the opportunity to review the bands that you love and like and also I would love to have the opportunity to get free review tickets to see the bands that I love and love seeing live anyway! It’s great that we can do all of this at school and in our classroom.

Blake Beesley, BTEC Level 2 Music Technology student, Central Nottingham College


Mark WongRockhaq is just a really smart and exciting way to bring together a community of young people who are passionate about music. It is possibly one of the best things to ever be created in terms of music blogging. Rockhaq is a wonderful novelty! I also really love that I won tickets to see my favourite live band Muse in concert thanks to Rockhaq!

Mark Wong, BTEC Level 2 Music Technology student, Central Nottingham College



I was listening to one of my Rockhaq students doing a class presentation the other day and I stopped to think, “This is actually really, really good!”. This particular student has come a very long way with his literacy skills and is constantly adding reviews to Rockhaq, so I believe it’s made a significant impact on him already.

Ed Whiteley, Music Co-Ordinator, Central Nottingham College

“I cannot believe what one of my Rockhaq students has turned into. Her communication skills during a class debate were fantastic! I cannot believe this is the same girl who came into my lessons a year ago. She is so confident at expressing her opinions in writing and face-to-face. Unbelievable!”

- Yvonne Walker, Media Co-Ordinator, Central Nottingham College

Dave WattsRockhaq is a great start to understanding the industry and its practises; this has given our students the opportunity to review music which has then boosted their self confidence and literacy skills. By getting students to understand what it is they like, love or loathe about the music they listen to daily is valuable to building positive self-esteem. Rockhaq has helped students develop their communication techniques, and for any young person interested in music or journalism, the experience has been fantastic! I am also a keen reviewer for the website and have enjoyed expressing my likes and dislikes in journalistic ways – I even got a retweet on Twitter from my favourite artist who had read my words.

Dave Watts, Film and Media Studies Tutor, Regent College Leicester

I’m very pleased with the impact this is having on one of my Rockhaq students. He cannot speak highly enough of it!

Sukhdeep Sangha, Head of English, Regent College Leicester


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