Calling all teachers! Are you looking for a thrilling new challenge for your Music, English or Media studies classes?

Teachers – are you struggling to get your pupils to engage in creative writing, improve their literacy skills or just stop talking about Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa or Bring Me The Horizon in your lessons?

Instead of forcing your students to stop listening to music on their phones, why not embrace this modern-day challenge to your teaching skills? You can come out of this a success!

Music + Choice = Engagement

Rockhaq Workshops and lesson plans encourage students to write about what they love. We tell your pupils to bring along their favourite track and listen to bits of it in class on their headphones, all while directing them how to write about it. This forms their first professional music review.

And guess what? Our simple formula works every time, across all student ages and abilities. We call our formula Music + Choice = Engagement. Watch our video to hear Rockhaq Workshop students and teachers talk about how having a choice engages everyone to write.

Teacher Testimonials

Headteachers, Music and English teachers and school literacy leaders love us, so much so that they have been inspired to write their own music reviews and opinion posts on The Rockhaq Community. We love it when this happens!

Here’s a snapshot of what teachers have to say about us.

A student was calling after me in the corridor yesterday, he said he’s loving your workshops and asked to take his workbook home! The Head was saying just yesterday how the Rockhaq workshops have been so valuable for our students. I want to do it again next year and now I know what it entails and we worked so well together, it might even be better. I really hope to work with you again.
This project is invaluable for students as it lets them be really free with their choices. This gets them to ‘buy in’ emotionally, and therefore ignites their desire to be successful. We have some great output from them, and for me, seeing them being more independent in terms of their choices is real progress, given some of their very low confidence levels etc. I believe it’s been great for social and emotional development too. Ticking so many boxes really…
I was listening to one of my Rockhaq students doing a class presentation the other day and I stopped to think, “This is actually really, really good!”. This particular student has come a very long way with his literacy skills and is constantly adding reviews to The Rockhaq Community, so I believe it’s made a significant impact on him already.


Which Students Love Rockhaq?

The short answer is – all of them! Award-winning journalist and Rockhaq Community Founder Michelle Dhillon has worked with the following student groups so far and the list keeps growing:

  • Year 8 secondary school pupils (mixed/low ability)
  • Year 9 secondary school pupils (mixed ability)
  • SEN and SEND pupils
  • EAL pupils
  • Gifted & Talented pupils
  • 16-19 A Level pupils
  • 16-19 BTEC Music and Media pupils

If Rockhaq has worked for her and them, it can work for you too. Watch another quick video with students and teachers telling you what they love about Rockhaq.

Rockhaq for Careers

During our pilot we gave away pre-release CDs, gig tickets to sold out concerts and set-up interview opportunities with bands for the best Rockhaq students. We called these real-life assignments Music Missions and guess what – they are set to make a big comeback on The Rockhaq Community!

On top of this, we are going to interview bands, journalists and music industry insiders on how they made it and add lots of information to a forthcoming Careers section.

This will all help your English and Media studies students to use their Rockhaq experience positively. They can build a portfolio of digital journalism experience all while seeing how they can use Rockhaq to become a real-life music journalist, music critic, entertainments reporter, music blogger or enter the print, digital, radio or TV industries.

Music students can do the same thing and can use their Rockhaq experience to become a musician, a music PR or music marketer, set up their own record label and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for all these exciting developments coming in 2017!

Student Interview: Flash in Japan!
Teachers – want to hear more of what students think? Listen to what Pilot Student and Rockhaq Community member Mark Wong has to say about his Rockhaq experience. Mark has been a proactive Rockhaq Community member for three years and has written over 40 reviews in that time. At one point he was writing an astonishing 3,000 words per week – all while attending College and studying Music Production!

He is now preparing to teach English to students in Japan and will use Rockhaq lesson plans in his classes. Amazing stuff!

Rockhaq for Free?

Rockhaq Founder Michelle Dhillon has written six unique lesson plans that fit the National Curriculum for English at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. These are set to appear on The Rockhaq Community in 2017.

To help teachers deliver more Rockhaq Workshops in class, we plan to release a free mini guide based on one of our unique 20-page lesson plans. Our full lesson plans are very structured and cover 5-6 lessons – i.e. a whole term! Our free mini guide will be a shorter version and cover approx 1-2 lessons. This free guide will be available to all teachers who join The Rockhaq Community. Be the first to hear news about this free release by joining our Rockhaq VIP List.


More questions or want to book?

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