A spectacular performance was given tonight by the infamous rock act Young Guns, who played many well known tracks and even brand new tracks from their latest album “Bones”.

“Bones” is also a song by Young Guns which was released as a single and video before their new album. This was followed by the track Brother In Arms, which was very popular with fans at the concert. The concert was part of a UK tour to promote the release of their new album “Bones” but Young Guns also went all the way back to their previous work, such as Weight Of The World, which is another well-liked track among their fanbase. The concert was truly awesome but unfortunately there wasn’t an encore, which left many fans disappointed.

Young Guns were not alone at this amazing concert,  they had two brilliant support bands to get the fans warmed up. Very little was known about the first band to perform, but when they played their intriguing music the audience simply “rocked out” with a very positive overall response and one which I am sure boosted the egos of all the band members.

The second support band “Tonight Alive” are an underrated band but nevertheless are well-known by a number of screaming fans judging from the noise level that greeted them when they took to the stage. This alternative rock band gave a tremendous performance, with their influential female singer captivating the audience with her strong delivery of lyrics from an impressive song choice.  By now, the audience were captivated, excited and truly in the spirit of the concert. Covering the Mumford & Sons track Little Lion Man was a brilliant decision, and it complemented their otherwise excellent repertoire of songs well. The crowd were certainly baying for more from this band and wow, they sure did deliver!

I hope you enjoyed this review and I also hope you hear and embrace more music from the Young Guns.