Make way for the weirdest rap video you will ever see. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) is back with a collaboration between three of its members. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler, the creator each play a weird and wonderful character in this video and it’s worth a watch even if you dislike the group or the music they write. Warning to those who don’t hate them this tune is a banger.

Hodgy Beats plays a robot who’s genitals have the strange power to turn people into cats. He sings his way through the song about sex (in a rap song? Never!) and his annoyance at record labels and the lack of money he makes from his career. Hodgy’s section of the song feels a lot more personal and has real human problems in it which makes him feel more mature.

Domo Genesis plays a stereotypical 70’s dad who goes around the neighbourhood and (look away now if easily offended) slaps black women so hard that once they recover from the recoil they’re Chinese. I warned you it was weird. Domo sings about sex (again) and his own annoyance at what he perceives as the “wolfs” who are circling the group which is a reference to the amount of hatred and disdain the rap group received when they first entered the scene, which has become love and appreciation now their star is rising. Domo’s part in the song has a far more aggressive and world weary feel to it.

Now it’s getting really weird. Tyler, the Creator plays a drug taking centaur who’s lyrical content features sex (you saw that one coming right?) offending the haters and a brief pause for an inside joke about Tyler not owning any “Yeezy” (slang for Kanye West) even though his music is considered seminal. Tyler’s lyrics lack their usual problematic content and he has instead gone for the fun factor for his contribution.

All in all this is great song which is nowhere near as dark as Tyler’s solo music due to Hodgy and Domo’s contributions. However the problem I have is with the video. Whilst it is hilarious and fitting with their weird public image, I got the feeling they were trying too hard. Like the video was only made to offend people, something they’re becoming well known for when it should be about their music.

In an era of rap music videos that take themselves too seriously this is a breath of fresh air. I’ve not laughed so hard at a rap video since Eminem’s early releases.