Single Review: The Weeknd - Loft Music

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, has rapidly burst through the music scene in the last year and has been adored by many critics. Can you remember the last time a young Canadian blew up the music scene? Although he is nowhere near as popular as his nation’s current shining star Justin Bieber, what The Weeknd does possess is an incredibly loyal fan base and outstanding reviews.

Music Magazine Rolling Stone has labelled Tesfaye as ”The songbird of his generation.” Not to mention MTV’s John Norris going so far as calling this promising young talent ”The best musical talent since Michael Jackson.” Featuring alongside Drake on his hit album ‘Take Care‘, The Weeknd appears on three of Drizzy’s tracks, boosting his reputation and winning more fans in doing so.

Listening to his music, the majority really shone, but the track ‘Loft Music’ really stood out for me and was an instant favourite. This was released on his first of his three mix tapes in 2011, called ‘House of Balloons’. At first glance some listeners may be put off by the song being just over six minutes and may assume that they will get bored by it, but listeners will soon have their initial assumptions overturned when the track begins playing. There’s no waiting around with the vocals as The Weeknd jumps straight in with a powerful first note which really caught me off guard but it’s when Tesfaye begins his first verse that you really feel the song.

In the verses he maintains a soft contained voice which can only be described as mesmerising. The beauty of the instrumental really compliments Tesfaye’s voice and the two go hand in hand to create nothing short of an exceptional track.  The song is not for the light-hearted and the lyrics contain a fair bit of cursing but hopefully you can look past that and enjoy the sheer beauty of the track for what The Weeknd intended it to be, as it just simply wouldn’t sound as delicate without the intended lyrics.

2012 holds big things for this young Canadian so you can expect to be hearing a lot more of The Weeknd.