This has got to be one of the best collaborations I have ever heard. My favourite male vocalist Robin Thicke and one of my favourite rappers Lil Wayne get together on one track. This was released from Robin Thicke’s fifth album Love after War.  This is a big track. It is definitely something different to listen to rather than the everyday R ‘n’ B or hip hop we hear. The music is soft and the beat is slow. The style is smooth and quite jazzy but it still has that small dose of R ‘n’ B to keep it alive.

This song is a love song which does not surprise me with Robin Thicke as he is well known for his beautiful, soft, dreamy voice and his love songs. With Lil Wayne, this does surprise me because we usually hear him rapping about money and sex. This song shows his romantic side. The track goes straight in with Lil Wayne’s verse and he is talking about being in love but he still shows his cheeky, mischievous side with lyrics like ‘Oh you, the s**t’.

With Robin Thicke’s voice there is never a note out of place, even when he sings live. He can also really hit the high notes like on other songs such as ‘Wanna Love You’ featuring Pharrell Williams and his Whitney Houston Tribute ‘Shoop Shoop’. Towards the end of this song his voice reminds me of Michael Jackson in his song ‘One More Chance’, I think it must be the style of his voice on this particular part. I think on this track Robin Thicke’s voice is sexy and quite mysterious. I love it!!

The video to this song is a must-see. It is inspired by the 1920s and set at a club on what looks like a Texas desert. At the very beginning of the video Robin Thicke is acting out a scene from the famous James Dean movie ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. I love it when artists do this, I think it’s so clever and different. I think Robin Thicke can adapt to any music genre, but this collaboration is definitely one of the best.