Single Review: Ron Pope – A Drop In The Ocean by Sophia27.

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The lyrics in ‘a drop in the ocean’ seared deep into my soul, it’s as if an essence of his emotions linger within each and every word. It shows the crueler yet more realistic side of love which is what I admire, the ways love perceived these days is either that it is exceptionally hard to find or practically impossible. ‘A drop in the ocean’ does quite the opposite of this stereotype.

“If you don’t love me pretend a few more hours, then it’s time to go” Everybody longs for a fairytale love, and that is how we deserve to feel, but life is an obstacle and getting what you ‘deserve’ is not the all mighty priority. This line shows that Ron knows this, he understands it yet is still led astray by a slither of hope it could still happen, he’s basically asking his ‘love’ to pretend to love him so he can have that sense of security, he doesn’t remotely care that he isn’t happy for he is more hung up on the thought of being so.

Single Review: Ron Pope – A Drop In The Ocean

The song is all at a melancholy tone, set by only the use of a piano. I feel that Ron purposely did so to give a clearer insight to how he is feeling – alone and vulnerable with nobody and nothing to ‘back him up’. The use of no other instruments proves this point . It also is of a more circumspect melody to avoid detracting from the lyrics of which really, rightly so, are the key focus.

“A drop in the ocean/A change in the weather/
I was praying that you and I might end up together/
It’s like wishing for rain, as I stand in the desert/
But I’m holding you closer than most, ‘Cause you are my heaven.”

Puts his love on a pedestal

The chorus has a clear juxtaposition between what he wants and what he can get, I see this present in the way he asks for rain whilst in the desert as he knows he’s not going to get this, yet that does not stop him from wanting it. It really hits me with the fact he is so blind sighted that he still puts his ‘love’ almost on a pedestal by suggesting she is his heaven. All he wants is this person, he is consumed by this person who quite clearly mistreats him. The whole song is him praying, hoping, longing for some good, some love to be left for him from his significant other.

I personally have a strong and passionate link to this song as I discovered it in an exceptionally emotional scene in my favourite television show The Vampire Diaries. The scene which has this song playing in the background also gives this same message. It shows a phone call between a couple with one of them pouring their heart out, and the other attempting to shadow their feelings away. The perspective of this scene also shows that maybe Ron isn’t the only one not being honest with himself, but perhaps the ‘lover’ is too, and to a deeper, darker extent.