OMG Girls (Officially Miss Guided) are back with a bang this year with their fresh new single Gucci This, Gucci That, which was released at the beginning of February. The group was formed by singer and also mother of one of the group members Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle in 2009. Since then, the RnB girl group has gone from 4 members to 3 who go by the name of Beauty, Star and Babydoll aged 14, 15 and 16. Two of them are singers and one of them is a rapper which gives us the best of both worlds. They have brought a brand new style and a new and improved look.

Gucci This, Gucci That is a young, loud, fun track with a beat which will make you nod your head to. You can easily guess the meaning of this song by just hearing the name; designer clothes of course! We hear lyrics like “Gucci this Gucci that, Gucci everything/Gimmie this, gimmie that/Gimmie everything” and “What kinda chick you know/Wear Gucci from head to toe? I’m incredible.” These girls are basically saying ‘Look at me in my designer clothes’ They’re really just having fun. The music video is wicked too, it goes really well with the words. They are in a clothing store trying on designer clothes and accessories, they also have some amazing dance moves. If you have not heard it before you might think ‘Wow, this sounds rubbish’ but trust me it’s so cool, so catchy and will get stuck in your head. If you like this one then you will love their version of Soulja Boy’s Pretty Boy Swag, theirs is called Pretty Girl Bag.

It has been said that Gucci This, Gucci That is irresponsible. The writer says: “Who doesn’t like well-made clothes and accessories? But the bottom line is, as a teenage girl, you shouldn’t be worrying about wearing all Gucci everything. At best, the song is catchy, at worst it is irresponsible.” I don’t agree with this because teenage girls just want to have fun and they love designer fashion labels. Most young girls do want to wear designer fashion and worry about what they are wearing most of the time and that’s coming from me being one myself. I think what OMG Girlz have done works and I don’t think its irresponsible at all.