Single Review: Lupe Fiasco – Superstar by Rajan

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Lupe Fiasco is one of the best, releasing an absolute banger in 2007 called ‘Superstar’. Superstar featuring Matthew Santos is by far one my favourites. Well that’s not even the word, he seriously brought out hip-hop and alternative hip-hop. If you still think it isn’t amazing, mate, the song went platinum, which is really good for Lupe. His song went to number 10 in the charts, which I think is a little disappointing, as it’s way better and underestimated by the public.

While he was making ‘The Cool’ album which this song is featured on, his father unfortunately passed away from type two diabetes. However, this didn’t stop him from making music. He still released and made this amazing song. Lupe Fiasco is a loyal respectful person, he donated money to a charity and released a special song for them on his album.

Single Review: Lupe Fiasco – Superstar

This single is one of them officially amazing songs. Written brilliantly and seriously bringing out hip-hop in 2007. I thought his previous album singles were good but seriously this tops them all. It’s one of them songs which starts slow and gradually gets you pumped and happy. It’s easily the lead single in the album ‘The Cool’.

Opening with a drum master-class, the lyrics are ‘If you are what you say you are/A superstar’. The chorus reminds you that no matter how much you may wish to withdraw from the spotlight, you can never escape it. The music makes me feel relaxed and calm. However, the minute it gets into the chorus it seriously pumps you up. With the amazing beat in the background, it’s very catchy and hard to stop listening to. The album ‘The Cool’ which this single is featured on, is reflecting on his life and needing a break from hustling. Heaven won’t let him have it though.

In my opinion I think that Lupe Fiasco scores 7/10 because it’s very good and has an interesting catchy beat, I really like it. However, on the album ‘The Cool’ I’d like it if there were more bangers like ‘Superstar’.