Single Review: Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

This review was awarded third place and a £50 cash prize as part of our best reviewers competition during Leicester ArtBeat Festival 2016.

Justin Bieber is a famous pop star who is 22 years old. He writes songs happy, calmly, but rhythmically that make people dance. He is from Ontario in Canada. The song was released in 2015 and is based on the question “What do you mean?”. He is confused about the way that girls think. He thinks girls are complicated.

The song is joyful and rhythmic and I like him singing calmly with his beautiful voice. He was nominated for kids’ favourite song. He started performing in 2007 covering songs through his YouTube channel and he became famous.

My favourite lyrics of “What do you mean?” is “When you nod your head yes/But you want to say no.” It makes me feel that he trying to understand what girls think. I don’t agree with him because I think girls are easy to understand and boys are complicated. He is feeling confused about how girls think and he writes this song to convince girls to change their character. I like the lyrics because the theme of the song is original.

In conclusion I think he is a good singer because he is creative with the theme. I think the rhythm in the song is good because he has a beautiful voice and he makes people dance. My score out of 10 is 6 because he is a good singer but the lyrics are too simple. I think he needs to add more sentences and not repeat them. I don’t agree with him because I think girls are easy to understand and boys are complicated because they don’t understand the way girls think, and I don’t know how boys really feel. I’m curious to know his new song… I hope it comes out really soon!