The second song to be produced by two of the most popular artists to be walking the planet today has been released and it hasn’t disappointed. A mix of Drake’s hip-hop rap verses and Rihanna’s seductive Caribbean vocals stir up a masterpiece every time.

‘Take Care’ was released near the beginning of 2012 and since then has stormed the download charts, along with the music video, that we have been assured has been shot from director Yoann Lemoine, will be hitting the music channel screens very soon.

The single is very diverse in the way it has been produced with the back beat showing a high similarity to dance/trance music that compliments the RnB sound you hear through their voices. Although the tempo of the this single is quite slow and it has a more chilled out feel to it I could still get up and dance to it any day and it will never get boring!

Although Drake isn’t the best singer vocally I believe that in this song and many others the tone he has in his voice and the way he merges rapping verses and singing together sounds amazing and I think many other people agree as he is coming to Nottingham on his Club Paradise tour and it is a complete sell out with rumours of appearances from Nicki Minaj and J Cole, other rising artists.

Signed to the YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) Label founded by Lil Wayne Drake has kept climbing the music industry with hit after hit after hit, bringing something different to the table that many other rap artists fail to do and I suggest to anybody who is into rap, RnB and hip hop to download his latest album ‘Take Care’ which consists of this single featuring Rihanna and many other tracks with famous voices such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj!