Hampshire metalcore mob Bury Tomorrow have just signed to Nuclear Blast Records and I am super stoked for them. As a celebration I thought I’d review their single Lionheart from their upcoming second album The Union of Crowns.

The single starts with a quiet, slow building guitar riff before dropping into a lively breakdown. When it comes to metalcore, breakdowns are often the part where the mosh pits open up and this track is sure to create the biggest mosh pits as it is one of the most catchy, brutal breakdowns I have ever heard and it makes me want to run around yelling, even when I’m in public. The verses are made up of clean vocals (lyrics that are sung rather than screamed) before lead singer Daniel Winter-Bates screams “Lionheart!” and the catchy breakdown beats your ears purple again. The single is a huge step forward in terms of their sound with them bringing their own twist to metalcore which can be a dull genre. The fact that they blend the heavy with catchy riffs is almost unheard of with the exception of Bring Me the Horizon.

In a genre flooded with generic bands who aim no higher than to fit into the sound it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a band that bring passion as well as their own twist on the sound. The single is a massive step forward for the band as their last album didn’t create anything unique this track has pushed the boundaries of the genre and propels the band into the ranks of metalcore elites such as Bring Me the Horizon, Architects and Of Mice & Men who succeed in making the sound their own. I cannot wait to see them at the end of the month and as a long-time fan I’m proud of them for finally signing to a major label.