On the average Sunday morning, Arctic Monkeys surprised their fans with a video of their new single ‘R U Mine’. Immediately a sudden guitar wham introduces you, and the song’s first brick is laid with a complex vocal melody backed by toe-tapping guitar. Already entrancing, the rest of the band trips you into another round of guitar and vocals, until a drum fill and emphasized lyrics take you into the full sound of the ‘new’ Arctic Monkeys. The new sound shows an influence from Josh Homme (Who produced Humbug and appeared as guest vocals on Suck it and See) leaking through, with a dirtier, sexier sound; very reminiscent of QOTSA’s ‘Skin on skin’. You can really tell their currently on tour with The Black Keys from this dirty track.

After the interesting intro, you’re rocking your head back and forth to the riff, backing Alex Turner’s typically interesting lyrics, but much more so than you’d find in Favourite Worst Nightmare or Suck it and See. Question is, does the rest of the song stand up to its introduction?

After a few interesting niches and production techniques you’re rushed into the verse, where you find the song’s dirty sound and witty lyrics still continue. Calming down for a moment for well needed emphasis on the lyrics. ‘Unfair we’re not somewhere misbehaving for days, great escape…‘ stands out, with good harmonies and emphasis, and suddenly you’re rocking your head again to the chorus. Familiarised with it this time, you feel much more comfortable listening to it. The boys show huge maturity and improvement in song writing with this song; with musical, lyrical and production niches popping up every time you listen to it.

Sooner than later, the sound is hollow with Alex’s vocals and witty lyrics filling the emptiness, which works well with the lyrics; ‘…Lone ranger riding through an open space…‘. Then a snare slaps you in the eardrum to prepare you for the ending choruses. The riff still making you rock you head, the lyrics embedded in your head and leaking out of your mouth. Overall, the lads have done another amazing job! Smart, witty, dirty, sexy, brilliant! If you own an air guitar, you’ll be giving this song a listen before you know it! I think there are little pieces of the song which could have been done better, but who am I to judge.
4/5, definitely a must listen!