Single Review: Architects - These Colours Don't Run

Technical Metalcore fans rejoice! Up and coming Brighton quintet Architects have gone back to their tech roots. You can stop complaining now. As I mentioned in a past opinion post about the selling out of bands, when Architects released their last album The Here and Now in 2011 the metal community exploded.

Technical metalcore fans abandoned ship whilst fangirls climbed aboard attracted to their softer sound. For those not in the know Technical metalcore is metalcore but with a lot more guitar solo style riff in the background. Its a lot more complicated to play for the guitarists. Ever since the band have sort of been a drift without a proper fanbase to back them up and without any singles to gain them much critical acclaim. Now that is sure to change.

These Colours Don’t Run is the first single from upcoming album Daybreaker and is a return to form whilst taking the band in a newer and better direction. The technical aspect that made first album Hollow Crown such a masterpiece of the genre has returned but with addition of lyrics that actually mean something. Before their lyrics belonged in pop punk. All their songs were about girls and broken hearts. Now their lyrics are influenced by lead singer Sam Carter’s hardcore roots with the lyrics now containing political commentary relevant to today’s financial and political problems. His vocals have also approved with them feeling more aggressive and raw. The bass is as heavy as ever and the drums have taken a different direction now with them taking a slower hardcore feel to the typical fast beat expected of metalcore.

All in all this is a great song and a major step forward for the band. It will re-invigorate their tech metal fan base whilst hopefully driving off some of the fans who don’t fully understand Architects as a brand and see them as trend.