Lets face it; there were high expectations for Pure Love and none were higher than mine. I feel a little let down and if I could swear out of pure resentment then I would, I really, really would. Ex-Gallows vocalist Frank Carter has totally lost the plot going from being the very pinnacle of hardcore to writing *shudders* stadium rock.

Frank Carter is the former venomous lead singer of Gallows, a five piece hardcore band that got the UK back into the genre. When the band first exploded on to the hardcore scene back in 2006 Carter looked set to lead the charge for the growing hardcore movement. Their first album was a masterpiece and their second album a disappointment. After a difference of opinion with the other band members on what direction Gallows should take next, Frank decided to leave Gallows last year. After dispensing with all the hatred and rage, Frank created a mysterious new band called Pure Love that until now have only played one exclusive gig and released no music. Bury My Bones is their first single.

The drums, guitar and bass are very reminiscent of Angel & Airwaves/Foo Fighters and I’m already feeling that this could be a let down. Carter’s vocals and lyrics are horrendously cringeworthy. His previously gruff voice seems to want to break out but he’s trying to control it. Considering that he does actually sing (instead of scream like a banshee) pretty well in a Gallows track, it doesn’t make any sense why his voice doesn’t sound nicer than this. His cringeworthy lyrics “I’m so sick of singing about hate, it’s never gonna make a change”, make me want to cry a little and not because I’m moved. Since he was so unapologetic about his previous song subjects (hating religion, religious figures, rapists, knife wielders etc) I can’t help but point at Frank and cry “Hypocrite!” This track might have been comfortable as a 70’s hard rock anthem or an early 90’s grunge track but now it feels out of place and out of time.

Pure Love is an emotion I’m a million miles away from right now. After the amount of hype and buildup there’s been around this band, I feel disappointed and let down to be honest so I’ll give this track a very low 3 out of 10. Maybe the rest of their debut album will be better and I won’t write them off just yet – but I won’t hold my breath either.