Ghost Walking, the only single from Lamb of God’s new album Resolution, is definitely deserving of the attention it received from LOG’s loyal fans. The album itself is full of Lamb of God’s typical groove metal aspects, as well as pulling together lots of other genres as they’re known for doing. The album is definitely worth a listen to anyone who is in the mood for something heavy, technical and aggressive.

The track opens with a slide into a groovy, impressive riff defiling an acoustic guitar, leaving your jaw on the floor before the full punch of the song has even been swung. Then, with another sudden slide, the electric power of the guitars and bass mixed with their phenomenal drummer slams down like a nuclear bomb, leaving nothing but mosh pits and swinging fists. Less than a minute in and there’s already too many aspects of the song to comprehend.

After a half-tempo, climatic pre-chorus, they kick into the familiar riff of the introduction before Randy Blythe screams you into the chorus, giving you an idea of what they tried to get across with this track through the lyric “You lived through hell”. The chorus, whether you understand the lyrics or not, takes over all muscles in your body, forcing you to throw your head to and fro!

With ease, fluency, and head banging, they bring you into the second verse, still flooded with riffs and hooks you can’t keep up with. By the second chorus, you’re familiar with the melody and section pretty well. After their half tempo post-chorus, they leave you thinking you know what comes afterwards, but you don’t. With an abrupt stop, a fast riff takes you into the bride, impressing you instantly, before you hear the solo they decide to put in there. Throughout the solo, you don’t know whether to wear a big grin with surprise and praise, or to cry about your crushed hopes of ever playing guitar that well yourself.
But don’t worry, they take you back to their pre-chorus soon enough, still impressing you with every note played.

When the song ends, you really sense their musical talent and intellect just from this one track, as well as their knowledge for what catches and cages a person’s attention through metal music. This is a phenomenal track by Lamb of God, from a phenomenal album. This track is definitely deserving of a 9/10. If I could meet them, I’d bow down and give them that extra 1 point, just out of awe. Hope you enjoy the track and album.