The first single from the upcoming self-titled album from Watford hardcore heavy weights is definitely a game changer. After the shock departure of lead singer Frank Carter who was widely considered to be the heart and soul of Gallows, fans were left surprised when the typically faceless band said “We are continuing without him.”

They recruited a new lead singer in the shape of former Alexisonfire guitarist Wade Macneil and began to tour the toilet circuit again, effectively going from a band signed to Warner Brothers Records with a one million pound contract to a band just starting out and paying their dues. Going from a band with a massively British hardcore/punk rock feel to a band with a majorly American hardcore feel has been difficult for me and the fans to adapt to, especially considering how fond we all were of Frank.  However this single clears away these fears with a confident sweep of its hardcore fist.

Drummer Lee Barratt opens the track with a barrage of snare, joined shortly by a down tuned, heavy bass line from Stuart Gili-Ross. Wade’s distinctive high pitched yells join alongside a guitar riff. Guitarists Stephen Carter and Laurent Bernard have found the right mix between the old rock and roll style they had during Frank’s reign as lead singer and the American beatdown hardcore style they took on after Wade became the lead singer.

In fact there is a sense of the entire band finding a sound they can be comfortable with that’s neither Orchestra of Wolves era Gallows or Death Is Birth EP era Gallows. Wade sounds much more confident in his role as lead singer and he sounds far more genuine then he did on Death is Birth. The band seems to have adapted better to his vocal style as I personally felt the band was trying to adapt more to the fact he was a Canadian rather than his vocal style.

As a band I feel Gallows has finally made a come-back. I’ll always miss Frank’s influence in the band but now I feel I can finally move on and get on with Wade and the boys. If this single is a taster of the new album then I can’t wait.