Deez Nuts is what hardcore punk is all about. It’s testosterone. It’s men in the front of the stage banging their head and slamming their sweaty bodies into each other. It’s rough, it’s angry and it’s drunk a lot of beer! It’s the type of music that bonds hardcore lovers together like pub rock did in the late 70s. When I went to see them last September they were amazing, even when I was one of the few girls who were there. They lived up to my expectations.

You’ve got to love ‘This One’s For You’. In this track Deez Nuts have taken the final step and proven that a heady mix of gangsterisms and hardcore is no joke. Opening ‘This One’s For You’ with a lo-fi hip hop intro that wouldn’t seem out of place on a NY or SF mixtape, Deez Nuts quickly waste no time flipping the bird to convention and breaking into a catchy, cohesive and heavy as hell hardcore track.

The track is fast, punchy and explosive; it’s a great example of a good melodic hardcore that takes me back to the mid ’90s. It probably won’t get a spin in a year’s time but for now, it will get repeated plays. Deez Nuts will probably never support a huge international touring band and I am damn sure you’ll never hear them on Kyle and Jackie O in between Kei$a and Lady Gaga but you will find them playing sweaty, dirty pubs across the world and it’s the only way to appreciate the band.

You have to hand it to Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters; he sure knows a thing when he sees it. This is one of the best hardcore bands in the scene right now.