Student Music Review: Collie Buddz - Now She GoneI’ve always been a big fan of reggae music and Bermudian dancehall artist Collie Buddz (real name Colin Harper) is one of the main reasons for this. He sets mellow but upbeat tones to almost all of his tracks including one of his biggest hits ‘Now She Gone.’ The story behind these lyrics is emotional but Collie manages to design the song so that there is no ounce of depression at all, but he still manages to keep the passion about the relationship there within his voice. ‘Now She Gone’ is one of my favourite tracks from Collie Buddz because he isn’t over dramatising anything or coming out with any cheesy lines, he’s just saying how he feels and we all get it.

Collie Buddz’s voice isn’t the most perfect vocal performance but it’s magical in a completely different way to many other reggae artists. The first thing is, even with his strong reggae accent you can actually understand what he’s saying which is not something that can be said of many other performers. In my opinion, Collie’s style of reggae has a slightly different twist to the normal stuff you hear, it has a hint of pop in it that reminds you of UB40, but you can’t really tell until you listen closely which I like because it makes his sound more fresh and original.

Collie Buddz is not well recognised at all in the UK but if you like listening to a bit of reggae now and then I really think you would enjoy some of his music. If you like ‘Now She Gone’ then another track to look out for is ‘Come Around’, which is a song that has a great a reggae beat and harmonies that just make you want to dance all night.