Student Music Review: Billy Talent - Viking Death MarchOn 14th May 2012, Billy Talent made an announcement that they would be finishing off the final touches to their eagerly awaited new album. The band promised there would be new material coming their way on Friday 25th May 2012, so there isn’t any reason why one shouldn’t review Viking Death March. Viking Death March is the band’s first new material since 2009’s Billy Talent III. It’s understandable why fans are so desperate and excited for their comeback after three long years! So now fans are left with many unanswered questions. But does Viking Death March leave fans in hospital beds because of the sheer impact of the music or was it never worth the three year wait?

Viking Death March starts with the classic Billy Talent sound consisting of a guitar riff provided by D’sar which keeps building with the layering of Gallant’s pumping bassline and Solowoniuk’s drum-rolls. The track already has a anti-patriotic and political feel to it which is the correct choice of track to fire back with because by returning after three years with a powerful and bold political statement, it shows that they are still on top form. The lyrics suggest that this is a jab at the government “Now the time is now, we can still turn it around/Use your voice like a weapon and watch until they fall.” Once again lead vocalist Ben Kowalewicz’s perspectives have made him and fans realise that the government is nothing but a corrupt organisation which spouts out lies.

The imagery that Kowalewicz puts forward in lyric “Crackin’ the whip on the backs of the poor/We asked you to stop /But you still wanted more/The blood on your hands left a trail as you crawl down on your knees you just don’t look so tall” is brutal but the points he puts across are absolutely spot on as you can feel his frustration because of what current affairs in the world of politics have led to. The bridge is also a lovely feature that has the signature Ian D’sar sound with its evil guitar riff that adds to the whole intensity of Viking Death March.

Viking Death March is an absolute monster of a single that fans should be proud of because Billy Talent have once again turned up it another notch from III. Everything they put across in the song definitely shows that fans haven’t lost faith in them. The comeback is tremendous because Viking Death March leaves listeners feeling anti-patriotic which is so poignant and personal. Billy Talent’s comeback could not have been any sweeter.