Rita Ora is a new artist that is set to have an amazing 2012. Rita Ora has been doing her thing and has recently been signed by Jay Z to his Roc Nation record label. Drake originally wrote this song for Rihanna, but he obviously spotted Rita’s amazing talent, and got her and Tinie Tempah to collaborate together to create a storming track called R.I.P.

The song is very upbeat and lively. The music is a cross between dance and dub-step, which shows how well the two singers adapt to different genres.

Rita is true British talent and was born and raised in London. Her look and swag in this video is bang on! Rocking Nike Air Max trainers and layers of gold chains and still looking comfortable with herself shows she’s got the swag. Watching the video made me feel like she had been around for years. This could be down to her confidence and the way she portrays herself in the video.

The only bad thing is that it’s a shame we cannot hear her singing acapella because she has an amazing, unique voice that deserves to shine by itself. To be signed by Roc Nation and fly out to New York to meet Jay Z means you must be pretty hot. 
I think her and Tinie Tempah actually work really well together; she has the whole package and is able to sing and dance.

Another negative comment I would have to say is that in parts of the video I couldn’t help thinking, ‘that reminds me of Rihanna’ or ‘oh, that’s something Rihanna would wear’. But I am sure that Rita has her own special qualities. She freestyles on R.I.P and this is like a breath of fresh air and seems to come so naturally to her; so we definitely know this girl is very talented, not just in the singing department but also with freestyling.

‘R.I.P to the girl you used to know/Those days are over, those days are over’
 – do you think these lyrics tell us that the old Rita (whoever she was before fame came knocking at the door) is gone, and she is turning into a whole new person?

This is her first collaboration with Tinie Tempah and to be honest, I do think she has smashed it. R.I.P is definitely a song I would download.

I say we should all keep our eyes open, as we will be seeing a lot more of Miss Rita Ora this year.