Review: Tyler the Creator - Goblin

Tyler the Creator is one of the most loved and hated rap artists in the world right now. His darker lyric content, strange behavior in public and unique backing beats seem to divide as much as gather fans. The rap collective he belongs to OFWGKTA (Odd Future wolf gang Kill The All) continue to help him divide that opinion with their music.

Before I start, Goblin is not your typical rap album. There’s no stereotypical guns, girls and diamonds in these lyrics. It’s about suicide, abandonment issues and dealing with internal rage.

The album takes place over 15 songs and has a concept of Tyler talking to a fictional therapist with Goblin being their second “session.” His first album B*****d was their first session and upcoming album Wolf being their third and final one.

The songs feel bleak and dark, anyone hoping for something to dance/laugh to like Kanye West or Eminem should put the CD down and walk away. Tyler raps about his disgust at his rising fame, his dad leaving him, his past falling out with friends and feeling violent and suicidal.

Songs like “Yonkers” and “She” have already been big hits in the US and his rise to fame has been underground in the UK with him selling out shows in minutes at small venues.

Some of the more frowned upon rap elements are still there, with Tyler rapping about hitting women, sexual assault, necrophilia and homophobia, however Tyler has always said in interviews he doesn’t mean what he says, this is one of the reasons many people hate him so much which is fair.

When I listen to the album I hear a 19 year old kid who just has angst with the world and his life and is singing how he feels. It’s like JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, but an album.

I give this album 9/10 because its powerful, dark album that I can relate to. However I knock him down for some of the lyric content which I definitely do not agree with.