The one really shocking thing I learned from tonight’s show is that Drake has some racist fans. Yes, you read that right. Racists will pay good money to go and see a black guy rap. No joke. When we sat down in our seats, two idiots behind us were staring at audience members and muttering “Get the n**-n**s out of here!” Well, considering that about 75% of the audience were black, including me, my family and even Drake and a large number of his backing band, this would have made for a very empty arena and really dead show. But maybe that’s how morons like that prefer it.

But never mind all that. On Friday 20th April at the LG Arena in Birmingham I went to see one of the best rappers around put on an absolutely outstanding performance as part of his Club Paradise Tour; Drake. I’ve always wondered ‘How can a rapper rock the whole stage?’ but Drake certainly knew how to do this effortlessly. The stage was so simple, it wasn’t over the top at all. Stairs here, stairs there, stage here and stage there. There was none of that. Just a platform in the centre and his band on either side and of course Canadian rapper Drake in the front centre.

He definitely kept the whole audience entertained by moving around the stage instead of staying in one spot. He spoke to the crowd, introduced his band and got everybody involved by getting us to clap and sing along. He pointed out individuals in the crowd to say he could see them even if they were right at the very back. He made sure nobody was left out. He would drive the audience wild by name dropping other huge artists he’s worked with like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj. Will he bring them along next time? I hope so!

Before I went to the Club Paradise tour I hadn’t listened to Drake much to be honest, but after seeing him live, I’m a massive fan. My favourite songs had to be ‘Take Care’ ‘Cameras’ and ‘Practice’. Some of the songs he performed were the very first time I had heard them. There was not one track I didn’t like. His style is so fresh and new that I think he has brought a whole new side of hip-hop to everyone’s attention. I’m sure upcoming rappers will be following his lead. His voice was perfect too, he sounded exactly the same as he does on his CDs, He kept the crowd so full of energy the whole time and this is important for a rapper because it’s very rare that any of them bother to dance.

Drake’s performance followed a very lively and energetic set by Labrinth who was the support act for Drake. I’m not really a fan of his music but I can still say he put on an incredible show and kept the audience warmed up and on their feet. I didn’t think I had heard any of Labrinth’s songs before but I did actually recognise some of them, like ‘Let the Sun Shine’ which I really enjoyed. I would go and see Drake again any day. This was an experience I will never forget.

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