Well, well, well…As you all know, I was lucky enough to go along to watch Nicki Minaj at the NIA in Birmingham on Tuesday with Ashton. To my surprise, Miss Minaj turned up at a decent time and was on stage before 9pm! Strutting her ‘thang’, she entered the stage looking like a skittle with a bright blonde wig and brightly coloured clothing from head to toe. We could definitely spot her.

Warming us up beforehand were her support act Stooshe who sang four songs; one of them being a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’. They ended their performance with their only chart release to date, Black Heart. To be honest, the girls sounded really good live and I definitely give them a thumbs up.

Nicki Minaj herself had the crowds in hysterics! I was in shock…WOW! Girls and boys were screaming at her like she was God and jumped up and down constantly like over excited puppy dogs. To be fair, she did keep the crowd entertained by chucking out freebies to those who were standing downstairs, and they were all in a frenzy after the freebies. I think after that I had seen it all. To my embarrassment, some of the 16-year-olds there knew more of her words than I did! I thought that this was unreal.

Having been a huge fan of her Pink Friday album, to me Roman Reloaded marked a big change in her sound when compared to the old Nicki on mixtapes who used to appear on pirate radio stations. I noticed this much more especially after Tuesday night when I found myself at a pop concert, not a hip-hop chicks concert as I would have preferred. Still, she allowed me to reminisce about the old Nicki Minaj days when she switched up the music and started busting a wind to ‘Hold Yuh’, her brilliant collaboration with Gyptian.

I found it very funny when Nicki shouted out to the crowd: “Where all my white people at?” and 80% of the crowd raised their hands, screaming hysterically. Then she yelled: “Where all my black people at?” and 15% of the crowd screamed. Then she yelled: “Where all my African people at?” By this point I was in stitches at hearing her shouting her way through each ethnic group. To be honest, most of her music now is pop, so it’s obvious that the majority of her audience would be young white teenagers. Obviously her music tries to cater to everyone, and whether you like it or not probably just depends on your music choice.

Nicki did a variety of songs on the night but more from her new album Roman Reloaded than the old Pink Friday.  Me and the crowd were screaming and singing, or shall I say shouting, along to ‘S*** On ‘Em’ and ‘Starships’. The Pink Friday Tour was absolutely epic; Nicki Minaj smashed it and can actually sing quite well live. Being the diva she is, she changed her outfit, as well as her hair, no less than three times and in the meantime left us entertained with her dodgy DJ who couldn’t quite recreate the same effect on everyone as Nicki could.

All I can say is, everyone needs ‘This Moment For Life, so if you want to support Cash Money or Young Money, get yourself there!! Thanks for the chance to experience this, Rockhaq and Ashton. x