Katy Perry’s new song Part of Me is a mixture of strong music that really gets to you when you listen to it. It aims to give you the strength to move on when you have gone through a tough relationship.

The video complements the song in that it is about being cheated on by her partner. At the beginning of the video Katy is in a car and goes to her cheating boyfrend, finally seeing him with another girl.  She moves on and joins the Army, saying that she can go on without him. She says ‘this is a part of me that you’re never going to take away from me’  to live on her own without him.

I think this music and the video is strong and upbeat. This song is easy and simple to perform and yes the singing is hard to keep up with. I am trying to do a little cover of this song with my group for a charity cd in South Nottingham College. As I am the main singer, I must do my best and keep up the timing as it may well be different from the original, so I hope it goes ok.

Generally I think this music from Katy is very good and this is one of my favourite music videos as well. This is the next best thing in music.