Oasis have gone, for the time-being at least, leaving a big hole to fill. Yes it’s quite some challenge, but if any band is going to do it, it has to be their friends and protegees Kasabian. Tonight they own Nottingham Arena, transforming it into their very own ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ which is a nod to their third album that charted straight at number one.

Attention to detail is impressive, even their roadies are dressed in white lab coats, with the word ‘sane’ emblazoned across their backs in red writing. There’s a definite feeling that Kasabian have stepped up their live show, this isn’t just a gig, this a musical experience. The audience is invited into ‘West Ryder’ for one night only.

Clock chimes ring out and a countdown begins. Finally the band storms the stage but it’s to an unfamiliar song called ‘Julie and The Moth Man’ which was the b-side to ‘Underdog’. The band’s confidence is clear from the off, with an immense amount of hits they could choose from to open the show, they choose a little known song and still have the audience in the palm of their hands from the first strum of Serge’s guitar. After this a raucous party ensues with ‘Where Did All The Love Go?’.

It’s as if every single person has been put under a trance by frontman Tom Meighan; from this point on they are under his command as he stands in front of them like a God. He challenges the crowd to be better than the others that have gone before, and the entire arena erupts with urgency for fear of letting him down. Tracks from the latest album dominate the set, but no song is a filler here tonight. ‘Fire’ causes an actual riot, but this contrasts with tender moments like ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, which Tom dedicates to his ‘Granny and all those that have passed away.’

No-one is happy when the stage is suddenly empty, and the crowd stand firm demanding more. Eventually their prayers are answered, as the pounding guitar of ‘Vlad the Impaler’ hits the crowd with force. It’s no surprise when they end with anthem L.S.F, perfect for euphoric mass singalongs and Nottingham doesn’t hold back. Suddenly a massive ball is released into the crowd, and confetti guns are set off; the atmosphere is exhilarating and in that moment it truly feels like the audience never want it to end. Tonight Kasabian have completely earnt the crown of being Britain’s best live band. Oasis who?

By: Zoe Turton