Slash known to many as the guitarist from Guns N Roses, pushes the boundaries of the guitar. When he held his first, one-stringed guitar at 15 I wonder whether he thought that years later he would be shredding guitar in front of millions of people.

Slash brought out his latest album “Slash” which includes some of his best work since Guns’n’Roses in the 80s. Songs like “Nothing to say” featuring M Shadows has great guitar riffs that don’t need improvement but could use different tones to add interest. His album features loads of different singers such as Fergie, Adam Levine, Cyprus Hill and many more.   

Some people say Slash is over-rated but personally I don’t agree as he’s gone through the rock’n’roll life and has built a name for himself and always gives mind blowing performances. He has been my inspiration for playing guitar, but showing the world that you can catch your dreams if you work hard enough for them.