The band ‘Falling In Reverse’ consists of five members which are: Ronnie Radke, Ron Ficarro, Jacky Vincent, Ryan Seaman and Derek Jones. Their debut album “The Drug In Me Is You” was mainly written about things that had happened in the lead singer’s (Ronnie Radke) life. Ronnie was the lead singer of the band “Escape The Fate” but was kicked out when he was sent to prison for man-slaughter. Ronnie heard from some of his fans that members from “Escape The Fate” had been making slanderous accusations about him. Ronnie felt betrayed and that’s why some of the songs on the album were about “Escape The Fate”. He also sings about certain parts of his life, like not knowing his mother and drug abuse. The songs: “The Drug In Me Is You” and “I’m Not A Vampire” have been released with music videos. Here is the link to “The Drug In Me Is You” video.

They are a post-hardcore band that are signed to Epitaph Records. They originate from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.