Rou Reynolds, Rory Clewlow, Chris Batten and Rob Rolfe have created and released their brand new album a flash flood of colour. This album was a new interesting feature by Enter Shikari with their new amazing sound, it involved a genre of music called dubstep along with drum and bass, postcore, alternative metal and rock. This album was released on January 16th 2012 where so far they have sold thousands of copies around the world. Their first single was “Sssnakepit” was released in September 20th 2011 where many adoring fans gave positive feedback which gave the band more influence and confidence with their music and fans. The album also received positive feedback from many magazines such as NME and BBC music. BBC music have made them favorable which means they are very much liked and recommended to many audiences that are interested in this music.

This album was signed to the record companies Ambush Reality and Hopeless Records where they recorded all their songs in both London, England and Thailand where they used a verity of different areas to record there amazing tracks. When the album was released they released a music video called “arguing with thermometers” where it featured the band playing their songs as news reporters and Rou the lead singer dressed as Phillis McCleaveland. Most of their songs include many lyrics with many meanings, for example their song “stalemate” is a song about the war in Afghanistan where so much money is made for pointless execution. Another song would be “constellations” where it talks about their wait at a train station.

There is more information to come in the future e.g. videos, interviews, etc.. Thank you for reading.