Donna Summer was an American singer who was known for making hit singles during disco era of the late 1970s. She won five Grammy Awards and was was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the US charts. She passed away on 17 May 2012, and this review is my tribute to her.

Love To Love You Baby is a classic pop video and it first aired on television in 1975, for those who were lucky enough to have a television set back then. Her unique voice opens up the song makes her sound like an angel sent from heaven. The way she composes herself throughout the video is brilliant and just from seeing this we can tell she’s in the zone and singing this song from the heart. According to sources Summer would later say that she had imagined how Marilyn Monroe would sing this song and demonstrated how she felt in the video. Sexy and provocative was obviously what Donna Summers wanted to achieve, and I think she did this down to a tee. The BBC refused to play this song at first due to its sexual content but they did eventually cave in and play the track. The final recording lasted over sixteen minutes, and contained the sexiest “simulated” orgasms ever found on vinyl. According to the BBC, the song contained 23 “orgasms” and even though it was quite explicit, it still sold and was a major success.

The video’s cutaways and fade-ins are done quite well for a video was made in the mid 70’s. Donna softly two steps her way around the stage in a diva-like manner but I couldn’t help but notice the backing dancers. OMG! Was the casting for this video done five minutes before Donna Summer entered on set? LOL. I cannot help but laugh when I see them moving out of time to the music. I personally think that Donna singing this song alone would have been much better, but what do I know! It still sold lots of copies and remained at number 2 on the US top 40 charts for two weeks.

Years have gone past and even Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce took the popular beat of this song and put it in her track for Naughty Girl. This song and video was very provocative and appealed to the male gaze, exactly like Donna did in her original track and video.  Donna was and is such a huge role model in the black community, and Beyonce bringing her music to life again in the millennium just goes to show how much of a success this song was and will always be.

I love this song and you can’t beat the old school music which makes musicians who they are today. This song is a classic. It doesn’t have many instruments or much going on in the video, but it doesn’t need that. Summer keeps it simple and it works. Her music will live on forever. R.I.P Donna Summer.