If there are any Deadmau5 fans out there, then this song is definitely for you. Even if you’re not a Deadmau5 fan, you should still give his music a chance because he’s so creative and crafty. But that’s not all – it’s fresh and liberating in a way.

Personally I’ve always kept this particular song close to my heart, simply because it’s filled with so much love and detail, and trust me you will love this one. This style of music is so full of life, and when you listen to it, its like its transporting you to an alien planet filled with DJ’s and creative artists who have a different outlook on music. The way he made this video was by using a plugin called Strobe by FxPansion, which manipulates and changes the way the music sounds giving it that extra oomph!

After finishing his 2nd album, Joel decided to create a third album and one of those songs ended up on Youtube which had over 800,000 views. It’s called Ghosts and stuff which is one the greatest songs to date.