It’s hard to believe that Scars and Stories is the third album by The Fray. After the immense breakthrough success of their debut record How To Save A Life back in 2005, The Fray have dominated modern radio. From the soaring success of “Over My Head” and “How To Save A Life” from to the repeated success with hits “You Found Me” and “Never Say Never” from their self-titled follow-up, the band have mastered their piano pop-rock formula.

The album was heavily influenced by their travels abroad. For instance, the first single “Heartbeat” was inspired by a trip to Rwanda. They named their album “Scars And Stories” because it’s about their experiences in Germany, Rwanda, Switzerland and also the mountains of Colorado.

Personally I like this album. This album is about them. We’re listening to their stories. Their Scars And Stories and the scars and stories of the people they came across from different locations and places they visited before writing and recording songs for the album.

They’ve done nothing but go forward and change for the better. Their style has greatly evolved but it’s still as awesome as ever. Isaac’s voice is divine and much more upbeat but with the same deep meanings.

Track List

  1. Heartbeat– In this track I love the percussion they added to the beginning. This song is AWESOME, it’s one of those songs that get stuck in head once you hear it.
  2. The Fighter– The chorus of this song makes me think of my life: the past, the present, and the future and sometimes it makes me sad really happy  at the same time.
  3. Turn Me On– has a very creative way of using a piano, I like the song its simple and feels pure, this song keeps getting better the more you listen to it 😀 
  4. Run for Your Life – this is simply one of the best songs in the album, I love this song because of its meaning, it’s very emotional and I can say that it almost made me cry.
  5. The Wind– This is my favourite song on “Scars & Stories.” Right now it has serious potential to replace my current favourite, which is “Trust Me” from “How to Save a Life.”
  6. 1961 – I like this song, it is about how we build walls to create a shield from loved ones. But if those walls are up too long, it comes crumbling down, and when the dust settles, your relationship will never be the same.
  7. I Can Barely Say– It’s so amazing that they wrote a song about my life! I feel like this song talks about losing somebody special to you and wanting to return back in to that persons arms but not having the strength to tell that person. Moral of this story Great song!
  8. Munich– This song is so perfect to listen to with some open windows and spring wind blowing through.
  9. Here We Are– this song isn’t truly about sex, it’s just the way that you interpret it.
  10. Rainy Zürich– one of the best song from this amazing album, I love the chorus so much, it makes me think about the people I miss that I have lost. Joe King should sing more.
  11. Be Still– This song is beautiful and it reminds me of what my mum said right before she died. (know that I am always with you), I cry every time I hear it,  I think of the words “Be still and know that l’m with you” “Remember all the words l said” then I able to gain my composure and go face the world  

 The band has grown and changed. Their “The Fray” touch is still there. I think all bands grow if you actually look at them. Hey, if they like making this kind of music, well let them. If we like it then we’ll feed on it, and if we don’t then there’s no need to be listening to them. I love this album!! It’s done in true Fray fashion 🙂 The lyrics are amazing as well. I find myself loving them more and more with every album they produce. The music industry needs more artists and bands like this. That’s the music. They have FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING about music. THEY FEEL. THEY KNOW.

One of the best music bands in today’s world !!!