Careless world is Tyga’s (Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson) second studio album since The Introduction in 2008. Tyga recently came to fame after signing for Young Money Entertainment and releasing the ‘B*tchimthesh*t’ mix tape before Careless World.

The new album follows a story and a meaningful theme and carries six very heartfelt tracks. Careless World is a commercial album and his style appears to have changed to attract a bigger audience. His voice is unique, however, he may now not carry the rawness which hip-hop fans are looking for. The previous album The Introduction is a different genre, it has more pop dance elements, which may not have helped his album gain many sales.

The message Tyga gives during his new album is about the road to fame and how he’s achieved what he has at present, making Careless World very intelligent. It has mind blowing lyrics from songs such as ‘Black Crowns’ and ‘Kings and Queens’ and within these songs he shares his image and previous lifestyle. He’s not currently won any awards, but I feel it’s still very early in his musical career.

Before the album was released there was some controversy, as Martin Luther King Jr wanted to stop sales of the album due to the unauthorised use of one his speeches at the end of the song ‘Careless World.’ Tyga recently tweeted that the issue had been resolved though.