With catchy songs such as ‘Sweet Disposition’, ‘Love Lost’ and ‘Fader’ all released as singles before the album to build the tension, Australian band The Temper Trap’s  ‘Conditions’ is a brilliant debut album and in my opinion, one of the greatest debut albums I’ve ever listened to. The main theme of ‘Conditions’ is love and heartbreak, which is reflected throughout the album.

Some songs that really make the album a treat for the ears include ‘Love Lost’ about losing your love for someone and then finding it again with somebody new; “Our love was lost/But now we’ve found it” illustrates this well. The song starts with a catchy organ beat followed by progressive clapping and slowly builds into a powerful song with a heavy drum beat and a guitar riff, all accompanied by lead singer Dougy Mandagi’s unique falsetto. This is a great way to start the album. Others that will satisfy you include the well-known ‘Sweet Disposition’ that starts with a soft guitar riff and is followed by a drum beat and more falsetto from Dougy. The song is once again about young love and how to deal with it.

Other examples of why this is such a memorable album include ‘Soldier On’ that begins with a guitar riff that slowly builds and builds and catches you off guard with its progressive feel. Following that are some impressive guitar solos. The song talks about a degrading relationship between a man and a woman. The man doesn’t want anybody to know that the relationship is falling apart and is hoping that it won’t. The opening lyrics “Who wants to know/All that is gold is rusting” help show this. ‘Fader’ is another melodic track from the album which begins with a slow organ riff that is soon joined by drumming and vocals. The song talks about trying your best to keep a relationship going even though you know it’s fading “Bless this mess/We tried our best/That’s all that we can do/While the angel’s walk/With the lonely ones” are a few of the descriptive lyrics that are full of heartache.

One of the great things about this album is the lead singer Dougy Mandagi’s remarkable falsetto. In some songs he will just suddenly burst out with this incredible voice that really holds its own in the songs with the drums by Tony Dundas, lead guitar by Lorenzo Sillitto, bass guitar by Jonathan Aherne and keyboards and guitar from Joseph Greer. Each instrument is played very well on each of the songs and really carry you on a journey from the album’s start to its end.

If you are sick of being drowned with English bands and want something new and fresh to listen to, then I recommend that you pick this album up today and be shown exactly what I’ve been talking about with its intricately orchestrated songs and refreshingly deep lyrics.