Stereo Typical is the debut album by Brighton based British Hip Hop duo Rizzle Kicks. It consists of 14 catchy, cleverly written songs with impressive rapping from the duo. Most tracks are produced by well-known producers like Ant Whiting, Mike Spencer and even Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) who helped produce Mama Do the Hump, which in my opinion is the catchiest track on the album.

Stereo Typical begins with Dreamers, a fast paced song about people believing and aiming high in life, following with 13 uplifting songs that will have you singing along with their addictive lyrics and ends with Even On A Rainy Day, a dum ‘n’ bass song with simple yet good rhythm and great rapping. The production values on each track of this album are very high and every tune is produced almost to its best.

My favourite song on the album has to be Mama Do the Hump, purely because of its brilliant opening on the banjo, it’s use of scratches on the decks and its compelling beat. The one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Rizzle Kicks’ debut album is the feeling each song gives me when I listen to it, you can go from feeling down to feeling like you want to get up on the dance floor and show off your moves, whether they might be bad or good. Each track will have you singing along by yourself or with your mates.

The genre of this album is mostly hip-hop with the added use of instrumentation in the backing of each song like the banjo in the beginning of Mama Do the Hump. The rapping courtesy of Rizzle Kicks in this album is outstanding for their first album; you’d think they’d have to release a few albums prior to get this good but they have pulled it out of the bag in their debut album which to me is exceptional.

I’ll give this album 3.5 stars out of 5 because I enjoyed listening to each track very much and the rapping on each track was very good. The production on each track was also superb but I’ve only given it 3.5 stars because I think some of the tracks on the album were just added in to make up for the space. However, this is still a great album and if you are a fan of Rizzle Kicks of if you need some new and fresh music to begin listening to, then i recommend you pick this album up today and treat yourself.