Muse’s follow up to their debut album Showbiz is called Origin of Symmetry. The trio from Devon set out on an ambitious objective to go one better and produce chaos on their 2001 follow-up. Muse came back with something that was bombastically bonkers, ingenious and that would ultimately re-define music.

This compelling album starts off with the brilliant New Born, which begins with Bellamy’s melodic piano riff and lyrics “Link it to the world, link it to yourself.After two minutes, the entire concept of the song changes from Bellamy’s sophisticated piano playing to a Nirvana-heavy driven fuelled riff that comes out of nowhere. It’s only after listening to this song that you understand why Origin was so unique for its time and why it gained legendary status. The 80’s disco-rock track Bliss which is one of the tracks that is such a high point on the album because it blends two contrasting genres into one so elegantly and gives the listener a feeling of exhilaration.

Space Dementia is inspired by Sergei Rachmaninov. This track gives an inside glimpse into the classical aspect of Muse as well as the futuristic because it feels as if you’re circling the entire universe. Hyper Music one of the more experimental and heavier sides to Muse. Chris Wostlenholme’s distorted melodic bass line brings the whole track alive. Where on EARTH would Muse fans be if Matt hadn’t written a beautiful, simple, awe-inspiring, hair-raising Hendrix fuzz guitar riff for Plug In Baby? This is a Muse classic; everything about the song from start to finish is one big fulfillment of what rock should be.

Citizen Erased is the most beautifully written song by Muse ever. This track is there to sit back and have the deepest admiration for Muse on how competent they are as musicians. Citizen Erased closes with one of the most emotional endings to any song which eloquently merges into the rage-stomping Micro-Cuts. This track’s notable quality is the build up to a massive slap-in-the-face guitar riff that will leave you head banging to the end of time. Screenager incorporates a futuristic aspect with a pinch of blues; it takes the listener to the realms of the unknown. Darkshines, the perfect song for the Knights on Cydonia to listen to! Feeling Good; voted as the best cover in NME Magazine, Muse completely revived the song to something incredibly sublime. Finally Megalomania; the massive crescendo to the end of the album, what a way to finish! The first signs of organs in a Muse album as well as the melancholic tone of the song just makes this the perfect end to Origin.

If you are trying to find a new band then this album and band is worth holding onto for a very long time. From start to finish this album offers innovative, crazy, overblown, madcap, intelligent qualities. Muse’s Origin of Symmetry is an exquisite masterpiece that will leave it’s mark on the world of music for a very long time.