The eponymous debut album from the Essex based alternative rock and indie rock band Morning Parade is finally here and definitely makes up for the long wait with it’s unique sound. The album contains 12 tracks, the first track being ‘Blue Winter’ which starts the album with a bang and pulls you in with the gorgeous melody and brilliant vocals, guitar, bass, synths and drums.

Another 11 beautiful tracks with (yet again) more breathtaking vocals and instrumentation fill up the rest of the album and make it that little bit more brilliant. The last track ‘Speechless’ is an acoustic version of a track of the same name on the album, the acoustic guitars really change the sound of the song from its original form and this to me is really well done.

The instrumentation on this album is awe inspiringly good with the amazing vocals and guitar from Steve Sparrow on each track, the lovely bass from Phil Titus, the soothing guitar by Chad Thomas, the clever piano and synths by Ben Giddings and the spectacular drumming by Andrew Hayes (Who in my opinion is at his best on the track ‘Blue Winter’)

The genre of this album is both alternative rock and indie rock with the 90s dance anthem sound welded into the tracks and I think that the way the band have done this is ingenious, it really adds to the sound of each song and has the taste of nostalgia.

My favourite track from the album would have to be ‘Under the Stars’ because, when I first listened to this album, that track really stood out for me with its beautiful vocals, synths and guitar playing. The lyrics are also very clever and really put you in the moment or ‘Under the Stars as the song’s title says.

I’m going to give this album 4 stars out of 5 because it is a brilliant debut album from the 5-piece band with spectacular vocals and instrumentation. I’ve missed out the 1 star because i think some songs on the album could have had more work put to them, it seems like some tracks on the album have had more attention than others and that is a shame because this is a great debut album for the band. If you haven’t heard of this band before or even if you have and you want to get into some new music, I recommend that you go out and pick this album up because I did and I’ve had it on repeat.