Album Review: Green Day – American Idiot by amig910

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The album American Idiot became a big hit in 2004 and sold about 15 million copies all around the world. The album made the artist Green Day become super popular that people started to buy more of their albums since they loved their music. The album is a concept album, which consists of the genres pop punk, punk rock and alternative rock. Also, since the album was so famous, it was converted to vinyl for record player owners.

Album Review: Green Day – American Idiot

Whenever I listen to American Idiot I always get a feeling to dance or sing along to the songs because they are so catchy. The way the drummer Tre Cool plays with awesome fills, the guitarist Mike Dirnt plays his amazing riffs and the singer Bille Joe Armstrong sings his cleverly-written lyrics it is not hard to fall in love with these songs. If I had to pick a track from this album my favourite song would be Letterbomb. This might be because it begins with a unique intro that follows with a perfect guitar and drum beat. When I listen to Letterbomb I always think of a woman who is angry with the government or world letting out her problems.

As I said before American Idiot is a concept album, which means that the songs form a story. The story that this album creates is very cleverly written but very hidden. The story main character’s are: Jimmy, St Jimmy and Jesus of Suburbia who meets a girl called Whatsername. Many people have different views of the story since it not very well explained, but fans who listen to the album multiple times figured out the story.

Songs show a ton of different emotions

Most of the songs on this album are punk rock but there are hints of other genres. The songs shows a ton of different emotions since the tracks can go from happy to sad to angry. The way Bille Joe Armstrong sings shows these different emotions but the lyrics are the key reason why people love American Idiot. The amazing lyrics are what makes these tracks come alive but they have a meaning and back-story to each one. For example the song Wake Me When September Ends was written about the singer’s father and how he died. The drumming and guitar is always needed, for example if there is a slow part in a song the instruments are slowed down to fit the mood. Each song somehow has a topic that relates to people and how they feel.

The album American Idiot is an outstanding musical rock opera that has connected to a ton of people all around the world. Since the album was so popular a Broadway musical was created which follows same story. Even though I love to listen to this album there are some downfalls,. My biggest problem was that the story was never really explained, however I never really cared about the plot. Overall, American Idiot the album by Green Day is an amazing album to listen to and I would advise you to listen to it if you are a rock fan or not. It is a classic concept album that is loved in the punk rock community.