This is a must-buy album! It’s one of Drake’s most successful achievements yet. The tracks show a large contrast in sound from mellow calming tones in one song, to lively outgoing hip hop beats in another. It’s no ordinary hip hop album; Drake brings something new to the table. He has a unique skill to bring in a dance beat and mix it so well that Drake is a genre all by himself.

We all know that Drake can rap but in one of his songs ‘Shot For Me’, the subtle, harmonious tone of his voice while he sings proves that his work can be very heartfelt and deep. ‘Shot For Me’ presents a passion through the half beat and words that not everyone gets. Some critics may see his songs slightly boring and similar but when you listen to the lyrics you can lose yourself in the emotions that Drake brings out in his music and relate to many of the things he expresses. ‘Doing It Wrong’ is another song on the album that shows emotional vulnerability within situations Drake has experienced in his lifetime and a lot of passion is drawn from Stevie Wonder’s magical saxaphone playing skills right at the end of the track.

‘Make Me Proud’ shows the Drake we all know and features the one and only Nicki Minaj. Their relationship offstage definitely influences their on stage duets and performances. I’m a big fan of any song they do together and this one is another masterpiece by them. You really feel as if they are singing to each other rather than to an audience which is something you rarely find in duets. And to top the track off, it has a peculiar beat that makes it distinctive from other hip hop music.

This album isn’t controversial or dark, it’s the real Drake which is what I love. He talks about his problems and his growth in music so you can understand him on a more personal level then some other artists out there today. I would give this album a 9/10 for just staying real and because of how well Drake’s voice suits the music he performs. Drake will be performing this whole album at Nottingham Arena soon and you would be a fool to miss out!