Civil Twilight are one of those bands that not many people have heard of, but you feel privileged if you have heard their unique sound. ‘Civil Twilight’ their eponymous debut album released in 2009 offers so much and more with its cleverly written songs such as ‘Letters from the Sky’  and great instrumentation from the band.

The album begins with the powerful ‘Anybody Out There’. A great start. Steven McKellar sounds like a young Bono, primarily in this song. The pitch of his voice reminds me of how Bono sounds in the ‘U2’ song ‘One’ and this is no bad thing because it compliments the drums and guitar-driven riffs that carry the song. ‘Soldier’ has a very catchy bass line that makes it one of the most memorable tracks off the album. ‘Next to Me’ has melodic piano play that sets your emotions alight with its elegance. ‘Letters from the Sky’ talks about losing someone and that one day, they will meet them again, the lyrics  “That you and I were made for this / I was made to taste your kiss / We were made to never fall away” show this well. The song also has ingenious lyrics that lead from the haunting piano intro. ‘On the Surface’ is one of the albums softer tracks but still has more melodic piano usage blended cleverly with vocals and harmonics. ‘Trouble’ starts with a bass solo introduction that slowly builds from start to finish.

‘Human’ begins with a beautiful piano introduction and vocals that put the listener in a relaxed state of mind and makes them think of life with the lyrics “I am just an image of something much more greater” and “I am just a picture frame, I am not the painter”. ‘Perfect Stranger’ has more of an atmospheric feel to it with its opening that makes you feel as if you’re floating in mid-air that is played throughout, and blends beautifully with the other instruments. ‘What You Want’ has more of a bluesy rock feeling to it with its bass riffs. ‘Something She Said’ begins with drumming and guitar riffs and energetic use of the voice that carry the song from start to finish.

The genre of ‘Civil Twilight’ is rock at it’s best with mixed tempo that ranges from fast paced, punchy to gentle hypnotic tracks. The tracks that stand out for me include ‘Letters from the Sky’ with it’s wide-ranging vocals and piano play and ‘Anybody Out There’ because I love the distortion used on the guitar in the middle of the song. It makes the guitar sound superb.

If you are looking for new music to listen to, I recommend that you give this not well-known gem of a band a try. You wont regret it and it’ll have you coming back for more of the band’s unparalleled sound.