Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit by Amrita Garcha

After the band’s previous album Sempiternal in 2013, the British rock band Bring Me The Horizon released their newest album That’s The Spirit in 2015. From the band’s previous genre, Metalcore, these tracks have turned a different direction from other albums. The genres on this album are alternative rock, pop rock, alternative metal, electronic rock and nu metal.

Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit

Even though it is kind of a different direction from other albums, Bring Me The Horizon fans still enjoyed this album and loved it. The album was so popular with Bring Me The Horizon fans and non-fans that it reached no 1 in the USA top alternative albums chart. It is not hard to figure out that That’s The Spirit’s subject is about depression. You can tell that the album is about this subject from songs like “That’s The Spirit”.

The reason why I like this album is because the songs are really good. The music does have some of Bring Me The Horizon’s classic metal/rock feeling but there is less screaming and deadly lyrics. My favourite song is Avalanche. This is because I love the rock sound and feeling but there is a hint of a different genre on it.

Not obviously about depression

It is not obvious that the theme of the album is depression. I think the reason why the band chose the topic is because the lead singer Oliver Sykes had depression before the album Sempiternal so he must have written this album after his experience.

Overall the latest Bring Me The Horizon album That’s The Spirit is a really good album to listen to if you are ever feeling down. Although it hasn’t had such great success as the last album Sempiternal it is still a good album for long time fans or just people like me who have started to the British band.