If you like music that will help you sink into complete relaxation then you’ll love Bon Iver’s second eponymous studio release that it is full of cleverly constructed songs that send you to a special place with it’s soothing guitar riffs and mellowed vocals from Justin Vernon. Bon Iver is a band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has been together since it was formed by Justin Vernon in 2006 and release their debut album back in 2008 to commercial and critical success with songs such as ‘Skinny Love’ being covered by other artists such as Birdy and being used in many television commercials. Their second album follows on that success and delves even deeper into their distinctive sound.

‘Bon Iver’ consists of 10 beautifully constructed and cleverly written songs. The album starts with the ever-so beautiful track Perth with its gorgeous vocals and guitar riffs from Justin Vernon and the use of other instruments such as horns etc. Perth follows into the second track of the album which is entitled Minnesota, WI and has a catchy guitar riff, lovely banjo and amazing vocals again by Justin Vernon which really takes you to a different place when you listen to it (as does the entire album). After the second track are eight more stunning tracks that will keep you relaxed the whole way through and will have you going back for more and more.

The genre of ‘Bon Iver’ is mostly indie folk and baroque pop, the indie folk is strong and really emits such powerful songs that really have such a lasting effect on you.

One of the things ‘Bon Iver’ as a band do best is combine Justin Vernon’ breathtaking vocals, great guitar riffs and use of other instruments with the rest of the members of the band who also play instruments like drums, bass, horns etc into an interesting and peculiar sound that isn’t to everyones tastes but does it’s best to pull in new listeners with it’s uniqueness.

My favourite track on the album is ‘Holocene’ with it’s peaceful guitar riffs, perfect vocals from Justin Vernon and lovely vibraphone uses. I also have a few other favourite songs from the album, these include the superb ‘Towers’ with it’s lovely guitar riffs and vocals from Justin Vernon. Another favourite song of mine from the album is ‘Michicant’ because of the perfect structural composition of the song and how all the instruments on the song are put together like the guitars and vocals.

I’m going to give this album 3 stars out of 5 because most songs on the album are terrific and are constructed perfectly but other songs sound like they could have had more time taken on them, some tracks are rather boring and could be skipped whereas others are unmissable, nonetheless, this album is still an excellent treat to us from ‘Bon Iver’ and if you are after some new and interesting music, I recommend that you give this album a listen and see what you think.