Student Music Review: Lower Than Atlantis - World RecordThe one and only Lower Than Atlantis are a great band but they are unfortunately underrated. An incredible piece act from Watford that have been going for six years, they play a hard hitting mix of punk and hardcore. Their latest album “World Record” is a brilliant, phenomenal album with influential lyrics and a fantastic sound.

The instruments they play are truly perfect and astonishingly brilliant to listen to. The guitars are inspirational and very creative with unique solos to go with the songs. Beech Like The Tree is a track that I love so much because of its unique sound and astounding performances in the music video, that includes the band annoying their next-door neighbours. How cool is that! Also the drums are awesome with interesting beats that go with the guitars and vocals so well. And last but not least, the bass with its tight catch-on and the great vibe it creates from it is great.

Another outstanding track is Deadliest Catch. This is a very intriguing track that has a brilliant video. The video shows many perfect scenes showing relationships, the sea and the people of Watford. The best thing about it is that it has song lyrics on the video for fans to sing along to, allowing them to feel a connection with the band and making them feel on top of the world. There is also another exciting track called (Motor) Way Of Life which is a heart-pumping song to listen to. Aside from all their power-punching songs they’ve made a couple of sad and meaningful tracks including one simply called Another Sad Song, which is honestly very inspirational to listen to. I really love it.

Lower Than Atlantis are so perfect with what they play and how they produce their music. I think that they are underrated because there are many people that like hardcore music but who probably have not heard of the inspirational band Lower Than Atlantis.  I really believe this is one of the greatest albums that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Thank you for reading and I hope that these guys Lower Than Atlantis continue to grow on you.