This is by far Enter Shikari’s best album since Take To The Skies got released, which in my eyes was the album that really put them on the map. In this new eleven track album, the experimental aspect that the songs contain can simply not be bettered now with even more adventurous, catchy lyrics. But A Flash Flood Of Colour keeps exactly the right mixture of both metal and electronics to produce their best album of all time.

“Sssnakepit.” – This is the most unique track from the album and my personal favorite. Its usual catchy sing-along chorus really seems to drag people in before exploding into an electro trance sounding verse. Towards the end of the song, there is an incredibly destructive metal breakdown, where basically mosh pits can engage. Even with so many different elements to apply to a song, Enter Shikari pull it off without a sweat.

“Arguing with Thermometers.” – Now, I have never heard of a song that can switch from metal to indie to dubstep, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either. But this is one track will not disappoint, keeping those old political lyrics similar to their two previous studio albums but with a new, more ‘f**k the System’ approach, which is an absolute blast from start to finish.

” Gandhi Mate, Gandhi”  – Among a fair few other tracks on A Flash Flood Of Colour, this one sees Rou Reynolds really putting forward his feelings about global warming and other contemporary political issues. Whilst this serious rap-rock with a bit of wobble of a track takes place, there is a small comedy aspect when the other members of the band tell Reynolds to calm down. I myself see this as a track I would probably listen to in the car, or just at home with the speakers on full blast.

The album brings out a whole new side to the band and puts forward the idea that it is possible to bring genres that are almost polar opposites together to make a very dominant collection of tracks. I feel that from their older albums such as Common Dreads, the same distorted guitar riffs have been retained, but the booming drops have never been better. I find almost impossible to keep still when listening to some of these new songs, they really bring the attitude on this one. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you get the chance.