Student Music Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Something For NothingWhat is the best way to describe Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!? Imagine if A Day To Remember had a child with Four Year Strong and that child then had a child with Breathing Carolina, that would be what Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! would sound like. This happy-hardcore metal band from Paris, France, are one of my favourite types of metal band. However, as the lead singer’s accent has the ability to make you cringe and ask yourself ‘What is he saying?’, this is a pretty solid reason why this band are not for everyone.

My second favourite song from the album is Born For Adversity. The song is heavy but sounds almost like it is being sung by A Day to Remember. The song is not like most of their other material, it is more common, whereas a lot of other songs on the album, such as Milf for example, are completely different.

Milf is one of the songs that the band are most recognised for. It is an unusual song and where the lyrics see the frontman tell a tale about an older woman that he has had an affair with. The song isn’t that heavy and has more of a You Me At Six and A Day to Remember sound combined. It is light-hearted but with a bit of kick.

In Friends We Trust is easily my favourite song from the album – I love it to bits! It is a feel good song that examines why you can trust some of your best friends and why some of them are not trustworthy at all.

Overall, Something For Nothing is a great album and I haven’t been listening to it that much lately but this review has definitely made me want to listen to the album again. If you like heavy metal bands like A Day To Remember, this might not be your cup of tea but the band are definitely worth a listen.