Anyone who knows me is rolling their eyes right now and will have seen this coming from a mile away. Bring Me the Horizon’s second album Suicide Season is on my “I’ll be bothering my children with this album” list because it’s one of my eternally favourite albums.

Sheffield metalcore legends Bring Me the Horizon made a massive leap from the deathcore sound that worked so well on their first album Count Your Blessings to metalcore for their second full length effort Suicide Season. The high pitch squeals and insanely complicated riffs are swapped for deep growls, chant along choruses and catchy as hell breakdowns.

Opening track The Comedown starts with a distorted riff and dubstep electronic drum beat before crashing into the opening riff. The track explodes into a breakdown as lead singer Oli Sykes displays the change his vocals have gone through since Count Your Blessings and his change in lyrics. “Just like the living dead, I’ve got a taste for something, I don’t want it I just need it and I can’t believe it.” keep fans guessing as to whether the album is fun or serious. Fan favourite Chelsea Smile begins with one of the most catchy, memorable breakdowns in the history of metalcore. Again Sykes vocals are brilliant, screaming with venom “I’ve got a secret, it’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the back of my lungs and I’m gonna keep it, I know something you don’t know”. The track slows down to a slow calming dubstep style bridge before the breakdown returns and smashes down the calm.

Live anthem Football Season is Over is so fast and heavy that you can barely make anything of the track until suddenly all is calm. J.J Peters lead singer of Deez Nuts starts the sing a long chant “Party till you pass out, drink till your dead, dance all night till you can’t feel your legs”. This track embodies everything Bring Me The Horizon are. Good fun, loud party metalcore. No Need For Introductions I’ve Met Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors is a short noisy track to do with a fan who wrongly accused Sykes of beating then urinating on her. The track cuts out as Sykes screams venomously “And after everything you put me through, I should have f*****g p*****d on you” followed by much string bending and heavy symbol crashes. Title track Suicide Season is a long, slow track about a friend of a friend who committed suicide and how Sykes watched as his friend was consumed by grief. “If only sorrow could build a staircase, if only tears could show the way, I would climb my way to heaven and bring him back home again” Sykes clearly has deep feelings invested in this song and it shows in his tortured vocals.

Suicide Season manages to be fun and bouncy yet at the same time dark and filled with anger and sadness. I give the album 10, my first perfect score for Rockhaq. The album is a work of art and I could never get sick of it. Its the sound of a band truly finding their sound and plundering it for all its worth. Metalcore at its closest to perfection and a band that garners such strong hatred and devotion at the very top of their game.